Building Relationships
Through Food

Join us for a fun hands-on cooking experience.
A playground for engagement and great bread!


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We believe that nothing bonds a corporate team better than COOKING. As Canada’s leading culinary team building business, we bring together the power of ‘self ‘and ‘team’. Cooking conversations are unique and equips teams the tools to raise the bar.

Our Happy Clients

Group Activities

Too Many Cooks

A playground for building deeper relationships with your team.

Masters of Pasta

Come to the CARB side…homemade pasta from scratch with a twist!.

Soup + Cornbread Challenge

Stir the pot! A fun way to create edible comforts.

Virtual Activities

Food Brand Challenge

What is your customer’s perception of the business through the eye of ‘their’ DONUT?

Food For Thought

‘Who am I’ as a food ingredient?

Out Of My Comfort Zone

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Tall Order Culinary is excited to deliver your event. Have fun cooking with your team!

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    Julie Burke

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