Why Your Debt Isn’t Going Down Even Though You’re Making Payments

You are paying your bills, debts, and payments on the given date, but your credit score is not improving. Have you ever wondered why? When you get your monthly credit reports you might have been shocked to acknowledge that you still have a bad credit score. If your balance is not budging here are a few things that you have to consider.

Payments only cover the interest

We all know that the loan we get has a huge interest rate. The interest will keep on increasing if we will not pay the required payments on time. Now the real issue is that the payments you are making are only covering the interest that you have. It means that every month you are paying the interest due to which the amount of debt is not reducing. You have to work on paying more so that slowly you will get rid of the debt that you owe.

You are only paying the fee

A common issue that we often face when we have a family is the responsibilities of the kids. Our entire income is used in paying the bills, fee and other expenditures.

  • In this situation, it becomes hard to pay the debt
  • You have to make a budget and assure that you are saving some extra money
  • Cut down the extra expenses so that you can pay the credit card bills and avoid debt next time

You are creating more debt

One of the biggest reason that you are still suffering from the bad credit score is that you are creating more debt. You can take the example of the payday loan. If you have a payday loan you will have to pay back the entire amount on your next payday. It means that in order to manage the expenses of the next month you will have to apply for the loan once again. It will become a continuous circle because you will be creating a new debt every month. It will disturb your financial status.

Paying the minimum payments

When it comes to the credit card bills we often get the option of paying the minimum. It means that we can either pay the complete bill or the minimum amount that we owe. After paying the minimum we will get the chance to use the credit card once again but it will only increase the amount that we owe to the bank. That is why we should only use the amount that we can pay back on time so we will not have to suffer from such issues ever again.

Bottom line

In order to get out of the bad credit score, the best solution is maintaining a budget. When you will manage your entire month in the given budget it will become easier for you to manage your expenses properly and you will get the chance to pay the debt on time. Once you are debt free you will get the chance to live your life on your terms once again.